Olmert Must Approve All Building Now - Including Jerusalem
Har Homa Home Sales Unaffected by Rumors and Threats
Knesset Approves 2008 Budget
Under 20% of all sectors of Israelis believe something will come out of Annapolis
Secret Aliya by Iranian Jews
Only 40 this week but efforts to aid all 25,000 Iranian Jews out of their dangerous situation
NIS 1 million allocated to building in Har Homa and Maale Adumim
PA officials admit that their policeman helped Hamas take over Gaza
Dichter Strays from the Party Line
Karnit Goldwasser: Barak is Doing Nothing
Wife of Udi Goldwasser, IDF reservist being held captive, makes her first public statement criticizing Defense Minister Barak
Hamas Spokesperson: If Israel leaves the West Bank (sic), we will rule there
Barak Freezes Building in Yesha
A move to bully Yesha leadership to cave on the outpost issue
Shas's Eli Yishai calls on Olmert to Suspend Talks with Abbas
PA Minister tells J-Post: We Must Control all of East Jerusalem
Medical Breakthrough for Stroke Victims
Wolfson Medical Center findings show that acne medicine can lessen brain damage in stroke victims
Lieberman Disappoints Yet Again
In the cabinet vote to release 90 more terrorists from Israel's prisons, Lieberman's absence was a further disappointment to his constituency
Beinisch as Rabbinic Posek?
The Supreme Court's three judge panel has ruled that the Rabbinate must prove why shmita should be strictly enforced
Labor Party Against Evacuating Outpost by Force
In a poll run for the Labor Party among its members, over 64% were shown in favor of negotiations and an agreement with Yesha leadership before any action be taken to change the outposts' situation.
HaAretz Outlines Peres-Olmert Peace Proposal
Claiming that it establishes a Palestinian State on 100% of the land in Judea and Samaria

Eli's respected Army Prep Program Wins Award for Zionist Values

Leads to expensive government spending

The real Arab leaders blatantly show their true colors
Another Map Best Not to Be On

We all talk about escalating world terrorism.

Some of us prefer to ignore it.

Some of us think it mostly happens in our neighborhood.

Take a look at for constant updates for a realistic picture..

"One Home" Campaign Flops
Their own survey shows noone's leaving

Police Attitude
Infiltrated teachers' protests to prove police discrimination

Boim:We'll Build!
Housing Minister responds to Condoleeza Rice's criticism

Annapolis is good for Israel's future
not sure

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